Spain eyes COVID-19 boosters for health workers, elderly

COVID-19 booster
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Spain's panel of vaccine experts approved Wednesday the use of a COVID-19 booster shot for people between 60-69 years old and for health workers, as part of an effort to combat an uptick in infections.

The final go-ahead for the shot must be given by Spain's and the country's regional health chiefs.

Spain has already given 2.7 million booster shots to people age 69 and over and to people of all ages with suppressed immune systems.

A highly successful vaccination program has inoculated 89% of Spaniards age 12 and over. That amounts to some 37 million people.

While the increase in infections in Spain is still lower than the sharp spikes seen in other European countries, some Spanish regional governments are considering the use of a vaccine pass for access to indoor public spaces.

Spain's reports an official infection rate of 96 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over 14 days.

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