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Whether an appointment has been on the calendar for months or your visit to your health care professional's office is because of a sudden issue, getting the right treatment and answers to questions starts with a productive conversation.

When it comes to making the most of your visit to your professional's office, details about your health are critical. Ashley Pena, M.D., a Mayo Clinic neurologist, says consider bringing a friend or family member to your appointment.

"Another person may be able to provide insights that are very helpful to your doctor," says Dr. Pena.

Make a timeline of important events. When did a symptom first appear? Have you taken any medications? If so, how did your body respond?

Dr. Pena says your visit should not be the first time your care team hears about certain topics. Do not wait to describe in your condition or ask questions about medications.

"Those questions are best answered by writing your doctor over an portal if your doctor has one, or by calling into their care team," says Dr. Pena.

When communicating, another tip is to use . "It's best to talk to your doctor just like you're talking to a family member or a friend," says Dr. Pena. "Don't feel like you need to use medical terminology or understand medical terminology to make it through your visit."

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