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Academic and social justice leaders discuss health equity in communities of color

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A new Roundtable focusing on health equity in communities of color features the expertise and insights of five distinguished academic and social justice leaders. Moderated by Gail Christopher, DN, Executive Director of the National Collaborative for Health Equity (NCHE), the Roundtable was published on the National Day of Racial Healing in the journal Health Equity.

"At this unique moment in our nation's history, we have collectively endured the most devastating crisis in our history, the COVID-19 pandemic," says Christopher.

"Its have been disproportionately experienced by . Within every crisis, there is an opportunity for healing and growth. The National Collaborative for Health Equity is pleased to offer this roundtable and the accompanying articles as a contribution to our healing journey."

Participants in the Roundtable represent the inaugural group of NCHE Senior Scholars. Also included in this issue of Health Equity are comprehensive articles by each of the Roundtable participants that align with the pillars of the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Framework, a national and community-based effort established by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to engage communities, organizations, and individuals from multiple sectors across the United States in racial healing and addressing present-day inequities linked to historic and contemporary beliefs in a hierarchy of human value.

More information: Gail C. Christopher et al, Addressing Racism and Its Deeply Entrenched Dynamics: A 21st Century Imperative, Health Equity (2023). DOI: 10.1089/heq.2022.29019.rtd

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