Mary Ann Liebert, Inc

Mary Ann Liebert Inc. was founded in 1980 by Mary Ann Liebert in New Rochelle, NY. The company publishes peer-reviewed journals, books and trade magazines in a variety of fields. A sample of journals, include Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Human Gene Therapy and Women's Health. BioConferences International Inc. is a subsidiary of Mary Ann Liebert Inc. This company's focus is to organize symposiums and conferences in Biotechnology, Women's Health, Alternative Medicine, Law and more.

140 Huguenot Street, 3rd Floor New Rochelle, NY 10801-5215 Phone: 914- 740-2100

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Advances and challenges in gene therapy for rare diseases

A new review article in Human Gene Therapy summarizes the significant milestones in the development of gene therapy medicinal products that have facilitated the treatment of a significant number of rare diseases. The article ...

Medical research

Review examines antibiotic prescribing in outpatient telemedicine

A new report in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health provides a review of the published literature on antibiotic prescribing and antibiotic stewardship in outpatient telemedicine. At least 28% of antibiotic use in outpatient ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Breastfeeding in the setting of substance use

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) has released new literature-based recommendations related to breastfeeding in the setting of substance use and substance use disorder (SUD) treatments. The new clinical protocol ...


Advances in gene therapy for CLN2 batten disease

A new study shows that delivery of gene therapy to correct the gene mutations that cause CLN2 disease, or Batten disease, directly into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) has potential therapeutic effects. The study, conducted ...

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