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Myths incorrectly connecting COVID vaccine to heart defects may be spreading

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The American Heart Association warns that false information about COVID vaccination and heart defects attributed to the Association may be spreading. The misinformation is inaccurately and incorrectly connected to a recent scientific paper on cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic (CKM) syndrome.

The American Heart Association's 2023 Cardio-Kidney Metabolic Health scientific statement, as detailed in the news release, the presidential advisory and manuscript, does not include any references to COVD-19 vaccination or vaccines of any kind.

These false articles and accompanying are misleading and make connections that cannot be attributed to the American Heart Association or its scientific statement. The articles do not reflect the Association's policy or position and the organization's name is being used without permission. The Association supports COVID-19 vaccinations as safe and effective.

The Association issued a fraud warning and urges individuals to check reputable sources—such as peer-reviewed and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and discuss medical questions with their health care provider.

The myths are posted and cross referenced to several websites including one noted as one of the largest producers of fake news by Poynter Institute-accredited factcheckers such as Snopes, and others.

Medical misinformation can spread rapidly and be deadly. As noted by editors of more than two dozen cardiology-related scientific journals around the world in a 2019 editorial, "human lives are at stake" because of medical misinformation.

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