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People get sick in four states after eating Diamond Shruumz Microdosing Chocolate Bars

People sickened in 4 states after eating diamond shruumz microdosing chocolate bars

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning Americans to avoid Diamond Shruumz-brand Microdosing Chocolate Bars, after numerous people have been made sick after consuming them.

Eight severe illnesses related to the edibles have been reported as of Friday in Arizona (four cases), Indiana (two cases), Nevada and Pennsylvania (one case each).

"All eight people have reported seeking medical care; six have been hospitalized," the FDA said in a statement. No deaths have been reported.

Symptoms have included "seizures, central nervous system depression (, confusion, sleepiness), agitation, abnormal heart rates, hyper/hypotension, nausea, and vomiting," the agency added.

Diamond Shruumz-brand Microdosing Chocolate Bars are being marketed online and at smoke/vape shops, legal CBD/THC shops and other retail outlets nationwide. The FDA is asking retailers to stop selling the products.

The edibles pose a special danger to kids, the agency added.

"This product may appeal to children and teenagers as it is marketed as a candy," the FDA noted. "Parents and caregivers should consider discussing the information in this advisory with their children and take extra care to avoid this product being consumed by ."

Anyone who does become ill after consuming Diamond Shruumz-brand Microdosing Chocolate Bars should call the Poison Help Line at 800-222-1222 and let them know the product was consumed.

More information: Find out more about the dangers of edibles at the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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