James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) is a public university based in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The university has two Australian campuses, located in Townsville and Cairns respectively, and an international campus in Singapore. JCU is the second oldest university in Queensland—proclaimed in 1970—and the first tertiary education institution in North Queensland.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia 4811

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Psychology & Psychiatry

Social media leaves clues to mental health

Researchers are working on a way to better support people living with mental health concerns by analyzing their social media posts.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Focused listening study explores the healing charms of music

New research published in Musicae Scientiae reveals people who focus deeply on music can have strong emotional reactions—across the full range of emotions—that can have significant therapeutic benefits.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Fixing the new pet dog blues

A study on why owners of new dogs often have trouble connecting with their new companion has found a set of factors that may help prevent the phenomenon and has highlighted the need to be aware of "successor dog syndrome."

Psychology & Psychiatry

How radio supports older adults' well-being

It may be a technology developed in the 19th century, but James Cook University researchers have found radio still offers a surprising range and depth of experience to listeners today.

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