University of Oxford

The University of Oxford or Oxford University is the oldest English-speaking institution of higher learning world-wide. Oxford University traces its roots to the 12th Century, but traces of it go back to the end of the 11th Century. Oxford University does not have a campus. It is located in the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire, England and is comprised of 38 independent and self-governing colleges and 6 permanent private halls speckled about the Oxford area. Oxford has more than 30,000 undergraduate, graduate and program students. Oxford is the home of the Rhodes Scholar offered to students around the world. Oxford is a member of the Russell Group o British Universities, the Coimbra Group, and other prestigious groups. Oxford University is rated at in the Top 10 of all universities world-wide. Their news sources and research is readily available on-line.

University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD United Kingdom

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Cracking the genetic code for COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness

Researchers have unveiled critical insights into how our genetic makeup influences the body's response to COVID-19 vaccines. The study, published in Nature Communications, may open new paths to personalized vaccination strategies.


NHS baby check may miss dislocated hips in newborn babies

A collaboration between the University of Oxford and University of Leeds, it shows that the tests currently used by doctors can be unreliable. Using data on 27,000 babies, their research, published in JAMA, found the best ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New study uses AI to predict malaria outbreaks in South Asia

Researchers from NDORMS in collaboration with international institutions have demonstrated the potential of using environmental measurements and deep learning modeling to predict malaria outbreaks in South Asia. The study ...

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