The Obesity Society

The Obesity Society is a scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity and its treatment. It was founded in 1982 and has approximately 2,500 members.


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UK government delays less-healthy food regulations

Researchers argue that a delay by the UK Government to restrict promotions on foods High in Fat, Sugar and Salt (HFSS) this October is a "step back" in combatting rising obesity levels, according to a new perspective in Obesity.

Overweight & Obesity

Aldose reductase promotes diet-induced obesity

High-fat diet (HFD) feeding in mice promotes induction of aldose reductase (AR) activity, expression, and senescence of adipocytes in subcutaneous adipose tissue (scAT), according to a new study in Obesity journal.

Overweight & Obesity

Changing the way we communicate about obesity

Researchers are recommending a stronger move towards less stigmatizing, standardized terminology in scientific journals and with patients, which reflects our understanding of obesity as a disease, according to a new study ...

Overweight & Obesity

Metabolic adaptation delays time to reach weight-loss goals

In women who are premenopausal with overweight, metabolic adaptation after a 16% weight loss increases the length of time necessary to achieve weight-loss goals, according to a study published online in Obesity. The present ...

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