Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson) traces its roots to 1824 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jefferson is a private health related research, physician training, graduate school and patient care institution. The university is affiliated with the Jefferson Medical College, Jefferson College of Graduate Studies and the Jefferson College of Health Professions and several local hospitals. Jefferson is consistently rated in the top tier of health care educational and research institutions in the USA. Jefferson publishes research abstracts, newsletters and stories on the status of on-going research.

1020 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19107-5587

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Machine learning uses lung cancer scans to predict heart damage

As patients with lung cancer live longer, the risk of long-term cardiac side effects of radiation therapy has been increasing, despite advances that reduce the radiation dose to the heart. New research uses machine learning ...

Attention deficit disorders

Link between prenatal drug use and ADHD

Prenatal use of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis has all been independently associated with adverse health impacts on the baby. But many people who use these substances during pregnancy aren't using them in isolation.

Oncology & Cancer

Research team identifies a new way to treat prostate cancer

The American Cancer Society estimates there are nearly 300,000 new cases of prostate cancer every year in the U.S., and approximately one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Prostate cancer ...


Study reveals alarming levels of drug residue on US currency

A new study led by Thomas Jefferson University researchers has found that American currency carries much more than germs on its surface. The study used a new method of analysis to examine one-dollar bills collected from 13 ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Discussions may improve adherence to diabetes medication

Not taking medications exactly as prescribed is a major barrier to the treatment of diabetes and has been shown to be more common in African American patients than in their white counterparts.

Inflammatory disorders

Improving asthma control in young adults

Here's a surprising statistic: Nearly 50% of people with asthma do not take their medications as prescribed. That means they risk a flare-up of symptoms or a visit to the emergency room. Asthma researchers have studied medication ...

Medical research

Breaking down the 'brick wall' of scar tissue

Doctors in the U.S. perform nearly 800,000 total knee replacements every year, but some estimates indicate that up to 10% of patients may emerge from surgery with a new problem: arthrofibrosis or excessive scarring that limits ...

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