Tomsk State University

TSU is a public research university located in Siberia, Russia. It was founded in 1880 in Tomsk, Russia, and is the oldest university in Russian Asia (in Siberia). TSU opened in 1888 with only one department, the medical faculty, which separated in 1930, now forming the Siberian State Medical University.

Tomsk State University 36, Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, 634050, Russia

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Oncology & Cancer

Scientists identify brain tumors using blood samples

Not only is it difficult to diagnose and pinpoint an early-stage brain tumor—certain difficulties may arise even after the onset of symptoms. Tomsk State University scientists have developed a new noninvasive approach to ...


Scientists have improved the cell incubator for human organs

TSU has patented a new incubator made of thin filaments of titanium nickelide (TiNi) for introducing cells into the injured human body. It is designed to compensate for functions damaged by trauma or disease. Thanks to the ...

Medical research

Possible new method for treating autism and memory disorders

Scientists at the Tomsk State University exploring myokines, proteins that are produced in the muscles during physical activities, have found that these active agents enhance human cognitive function. Scientists hope to use ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Hybridized mosquitos advance malaria research

In December 2016, the American Journal of Vector Ecology published two articles by Yuri Novikov, a scientist at the TSU Biological Institute devoted to the ecology, distribution and laboratory cultivation of maculipennis ...