University of Seville

The University of Seville (Universidad de Sevilla) is a university in Seville, Spain. Founded under the name of Colegio Santa María de Jesús in 1505, it has a present student body of over 65,000, and is one of the top-ranked universities in the country.


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Oncology & Cancer

The key role of Galectin-3 in brain tumor development

A research group at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the University of Seville has made a significant advance by discovering the crucial role of the protein Galectin-3 in the progression of various ...


Pair of physicists endorse continuing time change in the US

Putting the clocks forward does not affect the length of the daylight period—a natural phenomenon beyond human control—but rather makes it possible to optimize its use by using early morning light for activities and thus ...

Medical research

The origin-of-life molecule, a key to cancer research

RNA, the molecule that gave rise to life, has been shown to be essential for repairing human genetic material and preventing mutations that might lead to developing cancer. Recent advances in research, such as those published ...


Preventing catheter obstructions in patients with hydrocephaly

The early diagnosis and treatment of catheter obstructions in implanted shunts constitute a considerable medical challenge, given that there are currently no technologies or preventive protocols for preventing it. With time, ...

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