Uppsala University

Uppsala University was established by papal bull in 1477 in Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala University's history reads like a tapestry of conflicts in academic freedom, political and religious factors in education. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe. Following the Reformation and the establishment of Lutheranism in Sweden in 1593, Uppsala broadened the scope of education from classical canon law, medicine and Latin to include general natural science, astronomy, physics and mathematics. Today, Uppsala University has a student body of 20,000 undergraduate, graduate students and 2,000 doctoral students Uppsala University is credited with 15 Nobel Laureates and numerous research discoveries. Physician and Botanist Carl Linneaus and Anders Celsius, physicist transformed scientific inquiry in their respective disciplines.

P.O. Box 256 SE-751 05 Uppsala, SWEDEN

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Medical economics

Difficult decisions found to lead to unequal vaccination rates

There was a significant difference in the speed with which different groups were vaccinated against COVID-19. One explanation could be that people absorb information and make decisions in different ways. A new study shows ...

Oncology & Cancer

New method to identify mutations in childhood brain tumors

Researchers at Uppsala university have developed a new method to find mutations in brain tumors in children. They also showed that the mutations change how cancer cells respond to a cancer drug. These findings could lead ...


Gut bacteria linked to fatty deposits in heart arteries

In a major Swedish study, researchers have discovered a link between the levels of certain bacteria living in the gut and coronary atherosclerotic plaques. Such atherosclerotic plaques, which are formed by the build-up of ...


New study links contraceptive pills and depression

In a global perspective, depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability. More than 264 million people are affected and at least 25 percent of all women and 15 percent of all men experience a depression that ...

Overweight & Obesity

Junk food may impair our deep sleep, finds study

In a new study, researchers at Uppsala University have investigated how junk food affects sleep. Healthy participants consumed an unhealthier as well as a healthier diet in a randomized order. After the unhealthier diet, ...


Personalized blood pressure treatment more effective, study finds

Patients treated with blood pressure-lowering drugs can experience much greater improvements from a change of medication than from doubling the dose of their current medication. This is shown by a new study from Uppsala University, ...

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