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Oncology & Cancer

Personalized cancer screening with AI

While mammograms are currently the gold standard in breast cancer screening, swirls of controversy exist: advocates argue for the ability to save lives, (women aged 60 to 69 had a 33 percent lower risk of dying compared to ...

Oncology & Cancer

Engineers given a role in making medical diagnoses

Engineers will play a bigger role in the healthcare system over the next ten years and thus also in cancer treatment. This is the opinion of Professor Thomas L. Andresen, former head of department at DTU Health Tech and now ...

Health informatics

AI to help doctors treat deafness

One out of five patients with hearing loss, severe hearing impairment or who were born deaf, have deformations in the inner ear, and could benefit from having an advanced hearing aid known as a cochlear implant (CI) implanted. ...

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