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Biomedical technology

Organ-on-a-chip: Better health care through superior drug testing

More than 90% of pharmaceuticals fail in clinical trials, despite the fact that by the time a drug is ready to be tested in humans, it's typically already been studied in Petri dishes and animal models for years. That represents ...

Arthritis & Rheumatism

Researchers develop ultra-thin 'computer on the bone'

A team of University of Arizona researchers has developed an ultra-thin wireless device that grows to the surface of bone and could someday help physicians monitor bone health and healing over long periods. The devices, called ...

Biomedical technology

3D printing and machine learning unite to improve cochlear implants

A team of engineers and clinicians have used 3D printing to create intricate replicas of human cochleae—the spiral-shaped hollow bone of the auditory inner ear—and combined it with machine learning to advance clinical ...

Medical research

Preventing calcification of bioprosthetic heart valves

A defective heart valve is the second most common form of heart disease. Most cases involve a narrowed aortic valve, but often the mitral valve can also be affected. Prostheses significantly increase the life expectancy of ...

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