Biomedical technology

Setting a new standard for hormone health

Half the population lives with monthly ovarian hormone cycles. Those cycles impact menstrual patterns, fertility, and much more, but stigmas around hormone problems have limited awareness about hormone health.


Swedish regulator ends investigation of birth control app

Swedish regulators have closed their investigation of a birth control app after finding that the rate of unwanted pregnancies, which had gained media attention, was actually in line with clinical data.

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Birth control: there's an app for that

After 65 years of putting up with the pill's side effects, women finally have an effective, drug-free alternative. And it's all thanks to one badass lady scientist (and her husband).


Period tracking apps failing users in basic ways, study finds

A new study finds that smartphone apps to track menstrual cycles often disappoint users with a lack of accuracy, assumptions about sexual identity or partners, and an emphasis on pink and flowery form over function and customization.