Medical research

Study identifies potential drug treatments for telomere diseases

Capping decades of research, a new study may offer a breakthrough in treating dyskeratosis congenita and other so-called telomere diseases, in which cells age prematurely. Using cells donated by patients with the disease, ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Cancer treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic

For patients currently undergoing treatment for cancer, the possibility of contracting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is particularly scary. Some of the treatments and medications used to fight cancer can leave patients ...

Oncology & Cancer

Coping with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic

(HealthDay)—Everyone is learning to deal with the threat of the new coronavirus, but for people with cancer, the virus is even more concerning.

Medical research

Drug cocktail holds promise for spinal injuries

The early-stage research in rats, by a group of scientists led by Imperial College London, revealed two existing medications can boost the body's own repair machinery, by triggering the release of stem cells from the bone ...

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