Study finds bowel preparation for colon surgery unnecessary

In recent decades, patients in Europe coming in for colectomies, or surgical procedures targeted at the colon, have not been routinely subjected to what is known as bowel preparation, where the bowel is emptied before the ...

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Same-day, low-dose bowel prep feasible for colonoscopy

(HealthDay)—A same-day, low-dose, 1-liter polyethylene glycol-based (1L-PEG) bowel preparation can achieve similar bowel cleansing to split-dose 4L-PEG bowel preparation in select high-risk patients before colonoscopy, ...

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Educational methods have improved bowel prep compliance

(HealthDay)—Recently developed educational methods have improved patient compliance with bowel preparation for colonoscopy, according to a review published online Jan. 5 in the Journal of Digestive Diseases.

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Educational booklet improves bowel preparation for inpatients

(HealthDay)—Providing inpatients with an educational booklet before colonoscopy improves the odds of achieving adequate bowel preparation, according to a study published in the June issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and ...

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'White diets' don't adversely affect colonoscopy preparation

(HealthDay)—A diet of low-residue white foods the day before outpatient colonoscopies is preferred by patients over clear-fluid diets and does not negatively impact bowel preparation success or colonoscopy performance, ...

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Good bowel cleansing is key for high-quality colonoscopy

The success of a colonoscopy is closely linked to good bowel preparation, with poor bowel prep often resulting in missed precancerous lesions, according to new consensus guidelines released by the U.S. Multi-Society Task ...

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Patient activation predicts bowel preparation quality

(HealthDay)—Lower patient activation, but not limited health literacy, is an independent predictor of suboptimal colonoscopy bowel preparation quality, according to a study published in the March issue of Clinical Gastroenterology ...

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New smartphone application improves colonoscopy preparation

The use of a smartphone application significantly improves patients' preparation for a colonoscopy, according to new research presented today at Digestive Disease Week (DDW). The preparation process, which begins days in ...

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