'White diets' don't adversely affect colonoscopy preparation

'White diets' don't adversely affect colonoscopy preparation

(HealthDay)—A diet of low-residue white foods the day before outpatient colonoscopies is preferred by patients over clear-fluid diets and does not negatively impact bowel preparation success or colonoscopy performance, according to a study published online Aug. 6 in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Joshua Butt, B.Med., from Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and colleagues compared the effectiveness and tolerability of a low-residue diet of white-colored foods (White Diet; 115 patients) with a clear-fluid diet (111 patients) the day before colonoscopy in an endoscopist-blinded randomized noninferiority trial. All patients (average age, 52 years; 51 percent male) received a 2-liter polyethylene glycol lavage solution with ascorbate, sodium sulfate, and electrolytes, the day before for morning procedures and as a split dose for afternoon procedures.

The researchers found that bowel preparation was successful in 91 percent of patients on the clear-fluid diet versus 84 percent on the White Diet, with no difference according to diet. There was a higher bowel preparation success rate associated with the split-dose regimen versus the day-before regimen (96 versus 80 percent). Patients preferred the White Diet because of less hunger and interference with daily activities. Procedural/withdrawal time and polyp/adenoma detection were similar between the two groups

"The White Diet was preferred and better tolerated by without detriment to the success of or colonoscopy performance, especially with the split-dose regimen," the authors write.

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