Psychology & Psychiatry

Study suggests that minds may wander less as we age

We're all guilty of letting our minds wander when we're supposed to be doing something else. A little distraction is likely inevitable. But a study led by Matt Welhaf, a postdoctoral researcher in psychological and brain ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Developing a positive outcome from negative emotions

December can be an especially stressful time of the year. The holiday to-do list may feel overwhelming. Disappointment can swell if the "magic" of the season doesn't live up to expectations. Even the thought of spending the ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Giving thanks can be good for your well-being

For many, Thanksgiving can be a source of anxiety, conjuring up thoughts of hectic travel schedules, long hours in the kitchen and uncomfortable conversation with family members.


Study reveals broader impact of Alzheimer's on brain function

Scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas Center for Vital Longevity (CVL) have published new evidence that shows changes in brain network patterns that occur in early-stage Alzheimer's disease differ from those associated ...

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