Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Lost for words—the devastation caused by aphasia

Aphasia is a devastating diagnosis that affects your ability to speak or understand language. It's a little-known condition that effects 300,000 Europeans every year and recently made headlines when actor Bruce Willis announced ...

Oncology & Cancer

Zebrafish and AI replace some mouse experiments in cancer research

Researchers at Uppsala University have used AI to develop a new method to study brain cancer. The method is based on transplanting tumor cells from patients to fish embryos, followed by observation with AI. The method, which ...

Oncology & Cancer

New method used to study how cancer cells are organised

Changes in individual cancer cells over time may explain why brain tumors develop so differently, and why some cancer cells are resistant to certain treatments. To track the development of cancer cells, researchers at Uppsala ...

Medical research

Early brain cancer detection breakthrough

Early detection of brain cancer has moved one step closer, through a breakthrough by cancer diagnostics firm and University of Strathclyde spinout company Dxcover.

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