Oncology & Cancer

How chronic stress spreads cancer

Stress is inevitable. But too much of it can be terrible for our health. Chronic stress can increase our risk for heart disease and strokes. It may also help cancer spread. How this works has remained a mystery—a challenge ...

Oncology & Cancer

Novel technique has potential to transform breast cancer detection

An innovative breast imaging technique provides high sensitivity for detecting cancer while significantly reducing the likelihood of false positive results, according to a study published in Radiology: Imaging Cancer. Researchers ...

Oncology & Cancer

Immune cell receptor provides promising immunotherapy target

Drugs that target a receptor on immune cells called activin receptor 1C may combat tumor-induced immune suppression and help patients' immune systems fight back against cancer, according to a study by investigators at the ...

Radiology & Imaging

Team develops accurate and inexpensive approach for optical biopsy

Detecting cancer during its early stages, that is, before it spreads to other parts of the body, almost always leads to better treatment outcomes and lower mortality rates. However, for people without good access to health ...

Oncology & Cancer

Boost to palliative care may be needed for cancer patients

Care normally increases towards the end of a cancer patient's life, especially while their prognosis is still uncertain or when treating potentially reversible conditions such as infections, but not all care improves their ...

Oncology & Cancer

Evaluating AI-based nodal contouring in head and neck cancer

A new study evaluates an artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithm for autocontouring prior to radiotherapy in head and neck cancer. Manual contouring to pinpoint the area of treatment requires significant time, and an ...

Oncology & Cancer

Doctors may not be giving young cancer patients what they need

The rate of cancer deaths in the U.S. has steadily declined for several decades. But there's a caveat: We've recently seen a small but worrisome increase in the rate of certain cancers—particularly colon cancers—among ...

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Oncology is the branch of medicine dealing with tumors (cancer). A medical professional who practices oncology is an oncologist. The term originates from the Greek onkos (ονκος), meaning bulk, mass, or tumor, and the suffix -logy, meaning "study of".

Oncology is concerned with:

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