Psychology & Psychiatry

Should schools go screen-free?

A new paper in JAMA Network Open found that most middle and high schools have cell phone use policies, mostly restricting use in classrooms but not during lunch/recess. Just as with physical activity and nutrition, schools ...

Medical research

COVID-19: Fighting viruses with viruses

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many of our scientists have been using the techniques and approaches developed over decades of cancer research to understand and defeat the virus.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Tele-diabetes to manage new-onset diabetes during COVID-19 pandemic

Two new case studies highlight the use of tele-diabetes to manage new-onset type 1 diabetes in an adult and an infant during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article describing these experiences and providing perspectives on the ...


How to keep your child relaxed during a hospital stay

During the winter months, pediatric admissions to the hospital increase due to flu and respiratory infections. In hospitals, a team of Child Life specialists help parents and kids cope with being in the hospital. Here are ...

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