Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Experts call for more clinical trials on alcohol use, liver disease

More clinical research is needed to investigate how reducing alcohol consumption in patients with alcohol-related liver disease (ALD) may slow disease progression and improve outcomes, according to an international task force ...

Parkinson's & Movement disorders

Blood test could predict Parkinson's seven years before symptoms

A team of researchers, led by scientists at UCL and University Medical Center Goettingen, has developed a simple blood test that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict Parkinson's up to seven years before the onset ...

Medical economics

A call for renaming clinical research partnerships

In a recently published opinion piece in BMJ Open, "Rhetoric of Research: A Call for Renaming the Clinical Research Partnership," authors from Penn Nursing and Georgetown University School of Nursing, present a compelling ...


A simple change to save thousands of patients with sepsis

Changing the way antibiotics are given to adult patients with sepsis will save thousands of lives a year globally, according to research by The University of Queensland and The George Institute for Global Health.

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