Legal weed limps into next phase in Germany

So-called cannabis clubs will be allowed to sell the drug legally in Germany starting Monday, but in practice it will be some time before the associations get up and running.

Psychology & Psychiatry

More sport-based mental health interventions needed for young males

Sports-based interventions show great promise in supporting positive change in mental health outcomes—but few mental health interventions have specifically targeted young males in sport settings, and Flinders University ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Chronicling the rise in sports parent stresses during the COVID era

Parents increased their involvement with children's sports activities during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic—but new research shows that associated stresses had many parents considering the extent of their continued ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How sports helped boys during COVID-19's first wave

Boys involved in team sports during the COVID-19 pandemic have reported better general, physical and mental health than girls who also played sports, according to new research by Flinders University.

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