Psychology & Psychiatry

Livening up your space with plants can boost your mental health

While you may not associate lush greenery with the winter months, incorporating plants into your home can beautify your space and help combat the winter blues. Various indoor plants thrive during the winter months and can ...


Why you should feed both a cold and a fever

Respiratory viruses like rhinovirus (the cause of the common cold), flu and SARS-CoV-2 make the rounds during the winter season, and many people claim to have a remedy to help illness pass quicker. But how much merit do these ...


Can cold weather cause a cold?

The bitter winter elements can be brutal on the body. But is there any truth that you can "catch a cold" if not properly dressed outside?


How to jump-start your new year with cold weather running

As 2024 approaches, many people look to begin the year with resolutions to become more fit. Some people find it challenging to get enthusiastic about outdoor exercise during the winter. However, don't discount the joys of ...

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