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UK 'can turn tide' of virus spread 'within 12 weeks': PM

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday said he was confident the country can slow the spread of coronavirus in the next three months through tough measures to cut social contact.

Psychology & Psychiatry

How a time of panic buying could yet bring us together

For every headline about panic buying, fighting and even arrests in supermarkets, we see other stories about communities and individuals rallying in support of each other. These interpersonal connections reveal our true humanity, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Does putting the brakes on outrage bottle up social change?

While outrage is often generally considered a hurdle in the path to civil discourse, a team of psychologists suggest outrage—specifically, moral outrage—may have beneficial outcomes, such as inspiring people to take part ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Media narratives counter prejudice attitudes

Research from several personality and social psychologists show that entertainment media with positive content or conciliatory messages can contribute to positive relationships between members of different ethnic groups and ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Taking on the challenges of replication in psychological science

Psychological science has come of age. But the rights of a mature discipline carry with them responsibilities, among them the responsibility to maximize confidence in our findings through good data practices and replication.

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