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Mindfulness training helps kids sleep better, study finds

At-risk children gained more than an hour of sleep per night after participating in a mindfulness curriculum at their elementary schools, a study from the Stanford University School of Medicine found.


Air pollution exposure linked to poor academics in childhood

Children exposed to elevated levels of air pollution may be more likely to have poor inhibitory control during late childhood and poor academic skills in early adolescence, including spelling, reading comprehension, and math ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

US COVID cases hit new plateau as Delta variant rises

After declining fast for two months, the rate of COVID infections in the United States has leveled off since mid-June thanks to localized spikes in under-vaccinated regions of the country, data showed Monday.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mental health needs described after hurricane Irma

(HealthDay)—In the 20 months after Hurricane Irma, 17 percent of households reported a need for a mental health care provider, and 37.9 percent did not receive these services, according to research published in the July ...

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