Mitochondrial respiratory chain sustains inflammation

Northwestern Medicine investigators recently discovered that the mitochondrial respiratory chain—a series of protein complexes essential for a cellular respiration and energy production—is necessary for the activation ...


When a critically ill child is homeless

On a single night in 2020, roughly 172,000 in families with children and 34,000 unaccompanied youth under age 25 were homeless, according to government figures. Many more families are housing insecure amid skyrocketing rents.

Medical research

Clinicians grapple with decisions in crisis-care simulation

The COVID-19 pandemic has led healthcare organizations to draft plans for critical patient care in the event of shortages of resources such as ventilators. Invoking "crisis-care" standards at a hospital would prompt the deployment ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Recalled experiences surrounding death: More than hallucinations?

Scientific advances in the 20th and 21st centuries have led to a major evolution in the understanding of death. At the same time, for decades, people who have survived an encounter with death have recalled unexplained lucid ...

Health informatics

Could Russian hackers cripple US health care systems?

Sick people seeking lifesaving care in the United States could fall victim to a hidden part of Russia's war on Ukraine—vicious cyberattacks aimed at sowing disruption, confusion and chaos as ground forces advance.

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