A new approach to neuroimaging analysis

A group of neuroscientists based at University of California San Diego School of Medicine has applied an approach to neuroimaging that they believe will reinvigorate the work of many of their fellow brain researchers.


Artificial intelligence and the future of surgery

You may not think artificial intelligence could have a role in surgery, but new research shows AI can help solve problems for patients, doctors and the health system. A group of researchers led by surgery researcher Dr. Chris ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New algorithm could provide early warning for asthma attacks

A University of Texas at Dallas researcher and his international colleagues have developed an algorithm that might one day provide early medical alerts about the onset of asthma attacks or other respiratory problems.


New synapse type discovered through spatial proteomics

Researchers have developed a new super-resolution high-throughput imaging method. Using the new technique, the scientists were able to create a 3D neuronal cell atlas with single-molecule resolution and discovered a previously ...


A new platform to fast-track lifesaving brain research

An international team led by Australian researchers has developed a platform that could transform neuroimaging data analysis worldwide. The Neurodesk platform will enable scientists to accelerate research on conditions such ...

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