Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Investigating the pathogenesis of rare congenital nerve disorder

A new Northwestern Medicine study has uncovered previously unidentified intracellular mechanisms in the peripheral nervous system that cause Charcot–Marie–Tooth Type 2B disease, a rare congenital disorder that causes ...

Medical research

Sight loss in working-age people is under-researched: Study

A new study published in Clinical Ophthalmology has highlighted a lack of clinical research to address the leading causes of severe sight impairment (SSI) among the working-age U.K. population, which costs the U.K. economy ...


When you think about your health, don't forget your eyes

I vividly remember that late Friday afternoon when my eye pressure spiked and I staggered on foot to my ophthalmologist's office as the rapidly thickening fog in my field of vision shrouded passing cars and traffic lights.

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