Medical research

Researchers uncover signal needed for blood-brain barrier

What makes the vital layer of protective cells around the brain and spinal cord—the blood-brain barrier—more or less permeable has been one of the more mystifying questions in neuroscience.


Design prevents buildup of scar tissue around medical implants

Implantable devices that release insulin into the body hold promise as an alternative way to treat diabetes without insulin injections or cannula insertions. However, one obstacle that has prevented their use so far is that ...

Oncology & Cancer

DNA nanotubes deliver therapeutics to glioblastoma tumors

Glioblastoma is widely considered the most aggressive brain cancer. Even with treatment, patient survival rates are low, with most living an average of 15–18 months after diagnosis. Because of the highly diverse characteristics ...


Complications of drug delivery discussed with an expert

Drug delivery plays an important role in the treatment of diseases. Matching a specific drug molecule with the right delivery route optimizes therapeutic performance and minimizes side effects. Associate Professor Matthias ...

Medical research

Researchers develop 'dimmer switch' to help control gene therapy

In a major advancement in the field of gene therapy for rare and devastating diseases, researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have developed a "dimmer switch" system that can control levels of proteins ...

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