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Economic inequality is linked to biased self-perception

(Medical Xpress) -- Pretty much everybody thinks they’re better than average. But in some cultures, people are more self-aggrandizing than in others. Until now, national differences in “self-enhancement” have ...


In defense of 'ultra-processed' foods

Ultra-processed foods, a label coined in research by a Brazilian pediatrician, have been targeted as a menace to society for quite some time, mostly by environmental advocates and health professionals.

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COVID-19 cases, deaths in U.S. increase with higher income inequality

U.S. counties with higher income inequality faced higher rates of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the first 200 days of the pandemic, according to a new study. Counties with higher proportions of Black or Hispanic residents ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Parental education level affects children's mental health

It is well known that children who have parents with a short education perform worse in school and more often have symptoms of ADHD and depression than other children do. In this new study, researchers wanted to find out ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Opinion: There's no such thing as a natural-born gambler

The fight to recruit online gamblers in the UK is at fever pitch. If you googled "play live blackjack" in March, it cost an advertiser £148.51 to be the first ad that came up. In fact, 77 of March's top 100 most expensive ...

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