Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Why don't we stick to home physiotherapy exercises?

The lack of persistence in home physiotherapy exercises is a well-known problem hindering the effectiveness of treatment. It is especially evident in vestibular rehabilitation (exercises to treat dizziness and balance problems).

Gerontology & Geriatrics

How to jump-start your workout

Many people promise to exercise more in the new year, but jump-starting your workout routine can be challenging if you've been sitting on the couch for a while. It can seem like a daunting task.


Changing up your fitness routine could help maximize results

Having a structured and consistent workout routine makes a difference in the results you see from working out. But sticking to the same routine for too long can lead you to stop seeing progress as you hit a plateau in your ...


How often should you change up your exercise routine?

People asking for exercise advice are usually looking for a simple answer. Do this over that. Do this many of that thing, for this long. Get these gains. In reality, things are never that simple.

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