Psychology & Psychiatry

Parents abused as children may pass on emotional issues

Childhood abuse and trauma are linked to many health issues in adulthood. New research from the University of Georgia suggests that a history of childhood mistreatment could have negative ramifications for the children of ...


Women with a 'sweet tooth' more in tune with their bodies

Women who crave sweet taste sensations are more in tune with their bodies—and better able to tell when they feel full—than women with an aversion to the sweet stuff. That's according to new research from psychologists ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Trigger warnings can worsen traumatic memories

Trauma memories can suddenly return when survivors are exposed to material that reminds them of the event, and Flinders University psychology researchers warn trigger warnings on screen may even worsen these negative memories.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Can the brain resist the group opinion?

Scientists at HSE University have learned that disagreeing with the opinion of other people leaves a 'trace' in brain activity, which allows the brain to later adjust its opinion in favor of the majority-held point of view. ...

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