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Processed, high-fat foods linked with depression

( -- People who eat a diet laden with processed and high-fat foods may put themselves at greater risk of depression, according to UCL (University College London) research published today.


Possible risk of folic acid overexposure

A new study has shown that synthetic folic acid, the form taken in folic acid supplements we can buy over the counter, is not processed by the body in the same way as natural folates, the form found in green vegetables.


Arsenic metabolism linked to development of type 1 diabetes

(HealthDay)—Arsenic metabolism seems to be associated with type 1 diabetes in young people, with a potential interaction by folate levels, according to a study published online Nov. 11 in Diabetes Care.


Diet high in B vitamins lowers heart risks in Japanese study

Eating more foods containing the B-vitamins folate and B-6 lowers the risk of death from stroke and heart disease for women and may reduce the risk of heart failure in men, according to Japanese research reported in Stroke: ...

Medical research

Study: Folate helps repair damage linked to aging and disease

( -- For more than half a century, scientists have known the importance of folate for good health, especially for expectant mothers. But now, researchers at the University of Florida have discovered an entirely ...

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