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Australia's Melbourne extends sixth virus lockdown

A lockdown of Australia's second-biggest city Melbourne will be extended, authorities announced Sunday as they struggle to quash a stubborn coronavirus Delta variant outbreak.


Cheaper chocolate and alcohol are a public health setback

Norway's budget settlement between the government and the Progress Party resulted in getting rid of the sugar tax for chocolate and sweets, halving the tax on soft drinks, cutting the taxes on snuff by 25 percent and on beer ...


Laser therapy promising for drug-resistant child epilepsy

(HealthDay)—More than half of children treated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy (MRgLITT) achieve seizure freedom at one-year follow-up, according to a study presented at the ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Why some people won't wear face masks even if told to

The President of the Royal Society has today urged everyone in the UK to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Robby Allen from Cranfield University explains why even if people are told to they won't always ...

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