Psychology & Psychiatry

Heatwaves worsen mental health conditions

Heatwaves have a huge impact on our physical and mental health. Doctors usually dread them, as emergency rooms quickly fill up with patients suffering from dehydration, delirium and fainting. Recent studies suggest at least ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Four ways to stop thinking the worst will happen when you're stressed

Imagine you have an interview for a new job tomorrow. Some people might think about what kind of questions they will be asked so that they can prepare, or imagine the interview going well. For others, the thought of an interview ...


Denmark mulls cigarette sale ban for next generations

Denmark unveiled plans on Tuesday to ensure that future generations are tobacco-free, and is considering banning the sale of cigarettes and other nicotine products to anyone born after 2010.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Patience could increase longevity

Patient people are at lower risk of dying before the age of 65 and suffer, on average, from fewer hospitalizations and diagnoses during their adult lives than more impatient individuals. In her dissertation in economics, ...

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