Milk better than water to rehydrate kids: study

Active children need to be watered with milk. It's a more effective way of countering dehydration than a sports drink or water itself, say researchers at McMaster University.


Method using tarp to cool person with heat stroke is effective

A team of University of Arkansas researchers has found that, if a tub of ice water is not available for cooling someone who is suffering from exertional heat stroke, making a "taco" out of a tarp to immerse the person in ...


Extreme heat safety tips for older adults

As older adults age, their ability to regulate body temperature becomes increasingly more difficult, especially during hot summer months. The heat can have a significant, rapid impact on them—and it can even happen within ...


Over 65 and not worried about heat? You should be

(AP) -- This week's heat wave may be uncomfortable, but you're healthy, active and feel just fine. So what if you're over 65? Think again. Feeling good doesn't mean you're safe.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mental illness can be deadly during heat waves

For one devastating week in June of 2021, parts of western North America reached almost 50°C. The consequences of the extreme heat event went far beyond discomfort. In British Columbia, Canada—one of the hardest hit regions—1,649 ...

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