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Herd immunity for Americans may be an elusive goal, experts say

(HealthDay)—While more than half of American adults have gotten at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, many scientists and public health experts now believe that herd immunity cannot be reached in the foreseeable future.

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BioNTech boss strikes upbeat note on Europe's vaccine drive

More than half of Europe's population should have received the coronavirus vaccine in the next two months, allowing governments to consider easing lockdown rules for those who've been immunized, the head of German pharmaceutical ...


How does the COVID-19 vaccine help us reach herd immunity?

On Monday, all adults over the age of 16 became eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. But just last week, the CDC and FDA announced a pause of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine—the one-shot option—after six reports of blood clots ...

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India fights virus surge, steps up jabs amid export row

There isn't any room at Sion Hospital in India's megacity, Mumbai - approximately all 500 beds reserved for COVID-19 patients are occupied. And with new patients coming in daily, a doctor said the hospital is being forced ...

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Europe can achieve herd immunity by July: EU commissioner

Europe could have herd immunity against COVID-19 by July, a European Union commissioner has said, as incoming jabs are expected to speed up the continent's sluggish vaccine rollout.

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