Obstetrics & gynaecology

Child development plan targets gamut of risks

Child development can be vastly improved by providing pregnant women and caregivers of children with an integrated intervention that consists of improved water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), nutrition, mental health care and ...

Medical research

A potential therapy for one of the leading causes of heart disease

Calcific aortic valve disease is not only the most common valve disease in the elderly, it's also the third leading cause of heart disease overall. For those affected, calcium starts to accumulate in their heart valves and ...


Antioxidant cocktail key to preventing Alzheimer's

Research from The University of Western Australia has found a diet rich in nutrients and antioxidants may prevent or even reverse the effects of Alzheimer's disease.


Women with disability more at risk of domestic violence

A new report published by Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (ANROWS) shows that women with disability suffer higher rates of partner violence than the wider population of women.

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