Biomedical technology

Can computers speak for us?

In India, there's a popular saying among locals: "Kos-kos par badle paani, chaar kos par baani." The language spoken in India changes every few kilometers, just like the taste of the water.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Infants outperform AI in 'commonsense psychology'

Infants outperform artificial intelligence in detecting what motivates other people's actions, finds a new study by a team of psychology and data science researchers. Its results, which highlight fundamental differences between ...

Oncology & Cancer

AI with infrared imaging enables precise colon cancer diagnostics

The immense progress in the field of therapy options over the past years has significantly improved the chances of cure for patients with colon cancer. However, these new approaches, such as immunotherapies, require precise ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Using deep learning to detect depression from speech

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have achieved promising results on numerous tasks and could soon assist professionals in various settings. In recent years, computer scientists have been exploring the potential of these ...


AI could speed up discovery of new medicines

Artificial intelligence that could reduce the cost and speed-up the discovery of new medicines has been developed as part of a collaboration between researchers at the University of Sheffield and AstraZeneca.

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