New gene therapy for complete color blindness tested in patients

An initial trial in patients indicates that a new genetic treatment for complete color blindness, developed by research groups based in Tübingen and Munich is safe. Preliminary evidence for its efficacy has also been obtained.


Pandemic profiting: Vaccines and PPE on the dark web

Vendors on the dark web are selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and drugs marketed as coronavirus vaccines or cures at high cost, according to a new study from The Australian National University (ANU).

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Wyss-designed swabs enter human trials for COVID-19

Researchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, in collaboration with healthcare, research, and industrial partners, have designed a new, fully injection-molded nasopharyngeal swab that can be manufactured quickly ...

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Promising MERS coronavirus vaccine trial in humans

Researchers at the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) have reported on a safety trial of a promising vaccine for MERS coronavirus. According to their study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, vaccination ...

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