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Emergency cesarean causes inflammatory response

Labor and natural childbirth cause stress on a mother's body but an emergency Cesarean is associated with even more inflammatory gene expression in the placenta, new South Australian research shows.

Medical research

Correct mitochondrial function prevents muscle loss during aging

The loss of muscle mass and strength during aging is called sarcopenia. Affecting the elderly population, sarcopenia is a degenerative process that brings about a decrease in wellbeing and increased dependency. A growing ...

Medical research

Several protein biomarkers protect against disease development

Inflammatory processes are associated with a large range of human diseases, including rheumatic diseases and allergies. Protein biomarkers are measurable molecules that can have a prognostic value in patients, be used to ...


Antioxidant protein inside the cell worsens inflammation outside

A protein that provides essential protection against free radicals inside the cell provokes damaging inflammation when released outside, activating immune cells and worsening damage following a stroke, according to a new ...

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