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Volunteer in Oxford COVID vaccine test dies in Brazil: officials

A volunteer participating in clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University has died in Brazil, officials said Wednesday, though it was unclear whether he received the vaccine or a placebo.


Could reducing painful procedures help premature infants' brains?

Premature infants born earlier than 28 weeks gestation who experience fewer needle pokes while receiving life-saving care in the neonatal intensive care unit may have better growth of a part of the brain called the thalamus. ...

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Belgium limits care home visits as COVID-19 cases increase

Authorities in Belgium fear another deadly wave of coronavirus cases could soon hit care homes as the country confronts the risk of seeing its hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, leading them to restrict nursing home ...

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Leaders in US, Europe divided on response to surging virus

Virus cases are surging across Europe and many U.S. states, but responses by leaders are miles apart, with officials in Ireland, France and elsewhere imposing curfews and restricting gatherings even as some U.S. governors ...

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Madrid hospital struggles with surge in virus cases

At Severo Ochoa hospital in a Madrid suburb badly-hit during the pandemic's first wave, the intensive care unit is once again full and exhausted medics dread a repeat of the same "horror".

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Belgium fears virus "tsunami" as virus cases keep soaring

Bars and restaurants across Belgium shut down for a month and a night-time curfew took effect Monday as health authorities warned of a possible "tsunami" of new virus cases in the hard-hit nation that host the European Union's ...

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Intensive-care medicine

Intensive Care Medicine or critical care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the provision of life support or organ support systems in patients who are critically ill and who usually require intensive monitoring.

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