Tackling inequality could save millions of children

An unprecedented study mapping child deaths over almost two decades finds that nearly half of the 5.4 million under-five deaths in 2017 can be attributed to differences in child death rates within and across countries.


Mice pass on brain benefits of enriched upbringing to offspring

Mice growing up in a basic cage maintain lifelong visual cortex plasticity if their parents were raised in an environment that promoted social interaction and physical and mental stimulation, according to a multigenerational ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Babies can identify complex social situations and react accordingly

In the social world, people constantly gather information through visual cues that are used to evaluate others and interact. A new study from researchers at the University of Missouri determined that babies can make sense ...


Schizophrenia: when experience doesn't help social interaction

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that seriously affects social interaction. Recent studies have shown that people with schizophrenia have difficulty in interpreting others' intentions. One of the causes has just been identified ...

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