Obstetrics & gynaecology

Reflux tablet could save 60,000 lives lost to preeclampsia

An international collaboration led by the Translational Obstetrics Group (TOG) based at Mercy Hospital for Women has discovered a treatment that could save many of the 60,000 lives lost each year to preeclampsia.


Scientists develop revolutionary heart attack sensor

An international collaboration of scientists involving a team of researchers at Manchester led by Dr David J. Lewis has developed a tiny electric sensor, which could potentially improve patient survival rates by telling doctors ...


Recycling an anti-hypertensive agent to fight brain tumors

Treatments available for glioblastoma—malignant brain tumors—have little effect. An international collaboration led by the Laboratoire Neurosciences Paris-Seine (CNRS/ INSERM/UPMC) tested active ingredients from existing ...


Lack of sleep affects long-term health

New research from the University of Copenhagen has found that maintaining a good night's sleep is important for our future health, partly because of how it affects lifestyle factors. Previous population based studies have ...

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