Psychology & Psychiatry

How and when do athletes seek mental health support?

Athletes' experience of using mental health support—and their attitudes towards these services—could be better understood with a more robust approach to research.

Biomedical technology

Transfer-tattoo-like cell-sheet delivery for wounds

Recently, a team of Korean and international researchers reported the successful development of a transfer-tattoo-like cell sheet that can be directly applied to targeted surfaces. The cell sheet delivery system has shown ...


Genomic sequencing aids the global tuberculosis fight

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, but there is another global infectious disease that has a huge impact on the world. Tuberculosis (TB) causes over 1.5 million deaths and over 10 million infections per year. Estimates suggest ...


Behavioural outcomes of antidepressant treatment

Mood and anxiety disorders are some of the biggest contributors to morbidity worldwide, and may be lethal. Appropriate treatment is therefore paramount and antidepressants is the first choice of pharmacological treatment ...

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