Obstetrics & gynaecology

Perinatal depression linked to increased risk of death

Women who suffer depression during or after pregnancy have a higher risk of death by both natural and unnatural causes, a new study of childbirth in Sweden published in The BMJ reports. The increased risk peaks in the month ...


How to determine medication dosages for premature babies

Premature babies almost always require treatment with medication. Doctors usually determine the dosages based on data from children who were not born prematurely, while preterm infants often develop differently. Medication ...

Oncology & Cancer

Canceling cancer with T cells

What if we could engineer our immune system to make the human body better at fighting cancer? Professor Roy Mariuzza is part of a major research effort aimed at doing just that. An expert in the structural biology of immune ...


Guiding vaccine development with machine learning

From tackling homework challenges to drafting emails, people are discovering a vast array of applications for natural language processing tools like generative artificial intelligence (AI) engines.

Psychology & Psychiatry

How and when do athletes seek mental health support?

Athletes' experience of using mental health support—and their attitudes towards these services—could be better understood with a more robust approach to research.

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