Medical research

Molecule reduces inflammation in Alzheimer's models

Though drug developers have achieved some progress in treating Alzheimer's disease with medicines that reduce amyloid-beta protein, other problems of the disease including inflammation, continue unchecked. In a new study, ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

The CDC works to overhaul lab operations after COVID test flop

In early February 2020, Kirsten St. George and her team at New York state's public health lab received a test developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to diagnose people infected with the new, rapidly spreading ...

Biomedical technology

New diagnostic device provides 20-minute blood test results

Four and a half years ago, the VitalOne was an ambitious idea. Today, the desktop computer-sized blood diagnostics device can run comprehensive tests on comparatively small blood samples—in 20 minutes.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Cholera outbreak kills 10 in S.Africa

An outbreak of cholera has killed at least 10 people near South Africa's capital of Pretoria, health authorities said Sunday, urging the public to be "extra vigilant".

Biomedical technology

Improving hearing in an increasingly noisy world

As knowledge increases about how auditory troubles develop, new technological advances are set to cut through the clamour. Meeting a few friends in a noisy café can mean straining to hear all the conversation. It can be ...

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