Medical research

Developing research into mpox infections

A study, "Mpox infection protects against re-challenge in rhesus macaques," published in Cell, leads researchers to believe that the successful development of a mpox (previously known as monkeypox) vaccine may prevent humans ...

Health informatics

'Virtual biopsy' lets clinicians analyze skin noninvasively

The next time you have a suspicious-looking mole on your back, your dermatologist may be able to skip the scalpel and instead scan the spot with a noninvasive "virtual biopsy" to determine whether it contains any cancerous ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Exploring why viruses cause lesions and rashes

Early in 2024, reports of a fatal case of Alaskapox were circulating in the news. A little-known virus with few cases to its name, Alaskapox virus triggers the eruption of 1 or more skin lesions on the body, among other symptoms. ...

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A lesion is any abnormal tissue found on or in an organism, usually damaged by disease or trauma. Lesion is derived from the Latin word laesio which means injury.

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